About Dil's Takeaway

Dil's Fish and chips takeaway restaurant. If you are at 7 Glasgow Rd, Denny FK6 6BB, ask a local, “where is the best fish and chips delivery near me?” You are sure to hear our name.
We only use the finest quality ingredients, and all our dishes are produced fresh every day to ensure you get the greatest tastes possible. Our whole menu offers a wide range of mouth-watering possibilities, from Scottish Pizzas to Doner Kebabs.
The golden, crisp, award-winning examples at our restaurants are Deep-Fried Chicken Pakora, Spicy Haggis, Fried Fresh Chicken, Crispy Chicken Burger, and many other delicious dishes.
Please come and visit our website and order your favourites directly with a simple tap. Everything else will be handled by us and we will have them all delivered to you on time, or we also have collection available.
If you would like to order over the phone. Go ahead, you can call us on 0441324826699.
We know the world is full of choices. Thank you for choosing us!



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